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Premium Membership

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Learn From The Internet's Trusted Pro

  • Michael's Entire Suite Of Beginner -> Advanced Guitar Courses
  • Exclusive YouTube REACT Requests (#1 Way To Show Support) 
  • 6500+ Videos & Learning Resources & Growing
  • 50k+ Member Strong Community
  • Send Videos & Questions Directly To Michael
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The largest community of guitar enthusiasts online.

Unlock Your Guitar Potential: Dive Deep, Play Unique!

Step-By-Step Guitar Courses

Michael's 15+ award winning courses feature 100's of hours of On-Demand video lessons, jamtracks, PDF's, and more. 

Request REACTions & Lessons

Guitargate Members get to pick Michael's YouTube Videos, and consistently say this is the #1 place to find new music that inspires them.

A Lifetime Of Learning Resources

A constantly growing library of 6500+ videos, diagrams, PDF's, jamtracks, & loops. Organized by level and lesson.

Community + Help When You Need It

Post videos, ask questions, and receive guidance at every step of the way inside the best music community online.

  • 200k+ Global Students

  • 6500+ Videos, PDF's, Jamtracks & More

  • Lifetime Of Learning & Inspiration

Customer Reviews

Based on 1102 reviews
William E.

yes. Very Good. The information is presented in a step by step manner that really fills in gaps and enables you to progress fairly quickly.

Jun H.

Very intuitive

Brian C.

Excellent course that builds up quickly teaching useful theory and practical skills. Very well structured systematically around the CAGED idea.

Yonathan K.

So far so good

Mitchell K.

This person very well, though they do move fast. Also, I have found ALL of the resources provided to not work... If you want something that well aid you in learning things like pentatonics or arpeggios, Fretastic has been outstandingly useful for me. Good luck in your practice friends

Guy-Richard M.

I learned by myself over 10 years ago without much guidance, so some basic stuff I'm learning is very useful, including the finger exercises. Good stuff.

Marcos O.B.


Parker N.

Amazing value from one of the best teachers alive


i love the straight forward all meat no fluff teaching style no ego no BS

Joseph M.N.

Great so far!!!